Free webinar on learning theory and horse behaviour


The final two webinars in the annual Horse Management Seminar from Rutgers University in New Jersey are on the next two Mondays of the month.

The seminar, normally a one-day in-person conference, went virtual because of Covid-19. The program was instead divided into three free weekly webinars beginning the first Monday in February.

Each virtual seminar evening features two speakers that Rutgers has considered its “Best of the Best” over the years of having face-to-face Horse Management Seminars, and are topics that are most requested in previous post-program evaluations. Each evening will focus on one topic area and will end with an ‘Ask the Expert Live’ panel with Dr Carey Williams and the evening’s speakers.

The Monday night seminars run from 6:30 to 8:30pm (EST). All are free.

The next two webinars are:

  • February 8 – Behavior and Training: “Evaluating Horse Welfare as it relates to Behavior and Training” by Sara Malone, Ph.D. and PhD candidate Ellen Rankins, Rutgers University, and “Using Learning Theory to Train Horses” by the Angelo Telatin of Delaware Valley University.
  • February 15 – Equine Nutrition: “Fiber and its Importance to Horses” by Burt Staniar, Ph.D., Penn State University, and “Forage/Pasture Practical Research you can Use!” presented by Krishona Martinson, Ph.D., from the University of Minnesota.

» Registrations for both can be made here.

The opening webinar was on Horse Health, with presentations by Michael Fugaro, DVM on “Economical Veterinary Care”, and Lynsey Makkreel, DVM, on “Keeping your Horse Sound”.

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