Course to explore inner workings of the equestrian industry

Professor Piper Klemm

Clarkson University in New York is offering a new online equine studies course, “BEA 113: Business and Bias in the Equestrian Industry”. Registrations close this week for the course, which starts on January 13 and runs to February 15.

The two-credit-hour course taught by Professor Piper Klemm provides students with an intellectual skillset to navigate through the equestrian industry and is aimed at educating not only college students, but also high schoolers, equestrian professionals, equine business owners and others.

“The $112-billion equestrian industry of the 21st century has struggled to address issues of economics and business. Using the interdisciplinary tools of economics, psychology, and gender studies, students in this course will learn how the status quo evolved and can be navigated through cultural norms, customs, and niche market biases,” Clarkson University says.

“Issues of power and justice as they apply to the coach/rider experience and patterns of abuse within the industry will also be explored. This is also a master class in incentives — because for better or worse, incentives rule our world. Students will be equipped with an intellectual skill set to navigate through and flourish within the sport.”

The course is $US2995.

Klemm received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley in 2012 and became publisher of The Plaid Horse in 2014. Since 2018, she has taught university-level courses. Her mission is to educate young equestrians in every facet of our industry and empower, in particular, young women to find their voice and story and share them. She shows in the amateur hunter divisions with her horse, MTM Sandwich.

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