Webinar: Can science save endangered horse breeds?

A mare and foal on Exmoor.
A mare and foal on Exmoor. A webinar hosted by the National Equine Forum will look at the magnitude of the decline of Britain’s native equine breeds. Image by Rebekka D

The decline of Britain’s native horse breeds will be discussed in the first of the special interest webinars hosted ahead of this year’s National Equine Forum (NEF) next week.

Just in Time – Using Science to Save our Breeds, on Wednesday, January 13, at 7pm (GMT), will be delivered by industry leaders, with opportunities for discussion and questions from the audience. Speakers will look at the magnitude of the decline of Britain’s native breeds and how their future can be safeguarded. The impact of the extinction vortex on the natural world and how it applies to equine breeds will be covered and the challenging situation of inbreeding in Thoroughbreds explored.

The webinar is being chaired by Professor Tim Morris, and speakers include Tullis Matson, Simon Cooper, Paul Flynn and Andy Dell.

The advantages of DNA analysis will be debated, to show how science can provide breed societies and breeders with support to guide decisions that can increase effective population sizes. This will be endorsed with a case study to show proof of concept that breeds in decline have a chance to be saved when genomics and kinship analysis are used.

Tickets for the webinar are £5.

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