New ‘stepping stone’ endurance riding level introduced in US

Endurance Competition Lite has been introduced in the US, and will be piloted at competitions during 2021.
Endurance Competition Lite has been introduced in the US, and will be piloted at competitions during 2021. © USEF

A new endurance level has been introduced in the US to encourage more participants into the discipline and lower the barriers to competition.

US Equestrian has launched USEF Endurance Competition Lite as a stepping stone for athletes and competition organisers in the transition to national licensed competitions. The USEF’s Board of Directors approved the program earlier this month, and the competition made its debut last week at the Greenway Gallivant in Dunnellon, Florida.

US Equestrian says the introduction of the USEF Endurance Lite competition model will lower financial and other barriers to entry for athletes and endurance competition organisers interested in participating in or hosting USEF sanctioned events, while maintaining a safe and level playing field.

“How exciting to see Endurance Lite from USEF now available for equestrians wanting to make this unique sport a part of their equestrian experience,” said USEF Endurance Sport Committee co-chair Lisanne Dorion.

“Endurance not only takes you and your horse through some of the most amazing natural settings, but also, the skills one learns in endurance can translate into other disciplines and benefit everything else you do with your equine partner. I am thrilled to welcome newcomers to come out and see what Endurance Lite is all about.”

The program is being piloted at competitions during 2021, and organisers are invited to give feedback to High-Performance Program project director Steven Morrissey.

USEF Endurance Lite Rules are based on the approved Endurance chapter of the USEF Rulebook, and are in effect until November 30, 2022.

» Organisers interested in holding a USEF Endurance Competition Lite can apply from the USEF’s Competition Licensing section.

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