British horse owners asked to complete fireworks survey

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A British animal charity is asking horse owners to take part in a survey on the impact of fireworks.

National pet charity Blue Cross, which has equine centres in Oxfordshire and Staffordshire, is concerned about the rising numbers of personal celebrations in the lead up to New Year’s Eve and the detrimental effect this can have on pets and horses, who may be fearful of the sights and sounds.

With a national lockdown in place from November 5, many people chose to host personal fireworks displays in their own gardens or private fields on bonfire night.

In order to gain more data as to any concern from within the equine community, Blue Cross is calling on horse and pony owners to take the survey “The Impact of Fireworks on Equines” by December 10.

“In these changing times it is important to understand the existing concerns horse owners have around fireworks season and the impact these celebrations can have on their animals,” said Blue Cross Education Manager Kerry Taylor.

“Horses have a natural and innate flight response and we know some fare badly when local fireworks are set off and we are hoping to understand the national picture in greater detail.”

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