Webinar: How do horses learn, and what are they telling us?


How do horses learn and how can we better understand their behaviour? A free webinar explores how we can better understand our horses’ behaviour and interpret what they’re trying to tell us.

World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre Manager Claire Dickie
World Horse Welfare’s Claire Dickie.

In the latest in World Horse Welfare’s popular Welfare Wednesday Webinar series, equine vet Gemma Pearson shares some of the science around how horses take on information and learn, as well as examples of horses she has worked with throughout her career. She will explain some of the common challenges that owners may experience when trying to train their horses and what are the best ways to approach these issues.

Pearson is joined by World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre Manager Claire Dickie, who shares case studies of some of the horses who have come into the charity’s care. She also provides practical examples of how these more challenging cases have been approached. By understanding how horses learn and how best to overcome behavioural challenges the charity’s staff have given thousands of horses the chance to find a loving home of their own.

Gemma Pearson
Gemma Pearson

Gemma Pearson is based at the University of Edinburgh where she completed a residency, including a certificate in advanced veterinary practice (equine medicine) and an MScR investigating the interactions between equine veterinarians and their patients. She is one of only a handful of certified clinical equine behaviourists in the UK and currently runs an equine behaviour service alongside a PhD investigating the stress response of horses undergoing veterinary care. She is also the Director of Equine Behaviour for The Horse Trust and Veterinary Liaison Officer for the International Society for Equitation Science.

Claire Dickie has worked in the equine industry for many years and has had extensive experience with all types of horses. She originally joined World Horse Welfare as a groom in 2001, and, after a brief spell away from the charity, she returned to take on the role of Glenda Spooner Farm Centre Manager in 2011. Claire is a keen horsewoman who rides regularly. She has a genuine passion for equine rehabilitation and is a trained equine massage therapist.

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