Free two-part series on selecting hay for horses – and other animals

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Rutgers University’s Assessing Quality Hay Webinar Series is running over two days on November 16 and 17. Both will run for just over an hour.

The first session looks “Current Hay Market Quantity and Quality”, and “Testing Your Hay for Nutrient Quality” and is being presented by members of the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Animal Ag/Field and Forage Working Group, Melissa Bravo and Hank Bignell. This is on November 16 at 7pm (EST), and registrations can be made here.

The second session, on November 17 at 7pm (EST) delves into “What Hay is Best for Horses” and “Winter Feeding for Ruminants”. It is presented by Rutgers Equine Extension Specialist Dr Carey Williams and Animal Science Extension Specialist Dr Mike Westendorf.  Register here.

Both webinars are free but those taking part must revgister in advance.

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