Experts combine for free webinar on mycotoxin management

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A webinar on the management of mycotoxins is taking place later this month and will look at strategies for mycotoxin elimination, mycotoxin detection methods, the effects of mycotoxin in feed on animal health and mycotoxin awareness.

Hosted by multimedia brand All About Feed, the webinar “Mycotoxin Management” is on November 17 at 11am (CET).

Mycotoxins cause severe economic losses worldwide and are a serious risk for the health of all livestock, including horses. Managing mycotoxins is becoming increasingly advanced as detection techniques become more sensitive and specific new tools enter the market to detect toxins at an early stage.

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The speakers are:

Julia Laurain, a feed product specialist at Olmix, a nutrition company that specialises in natural algae-based products: “Testing toxin binders with in vivo references models – animals don’t lie!”.

Dr Clarisse Techer, Research Innovation Development manager at animal nutrition company Mixscience: “From in vitro to in vivo : key criteria to select the most effective toxin binder”.

Regiane Santos, DVM, PhD, a Researcher at Schothorst Feed Research, an independent research organisation in The Netherlands: “Mycotoxins and farm animals: the realistic exposure levels”.

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