Free webinar: What horse owners need to know about colic

Rolling is one of the signs of colic in horses.
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What are the signs of colic, and what should you do, are among the questions that will be answered in the latest free horse care webinar from World Horse Welfare.

“Understanding colic – what we as owners need to know” at 7pm (GMT) on Wednesday October 7, is being hosted by Dr Katie Lightfoot, a Teaching Associate at the University of Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Science joins World Horse Welfare’s International Programme Officer Izzy Wild, who is also a vet, and has experience of dealing with complex colic case.

The webinar is part of the charity’s “Welfare Wednesday” series that runs fortnightly.

Katie will explain what owners can do to prepare themselves if their horse gets colic. She will discuss the types of decisions owners may have to make and provide some real-life case studies of owner experiences. Izzy will explain what the main risk factors are and talk through the critical signs owners should be able to recognise and what steps to take.

Both will answer questions at the end of the webinar, and both are keen to share their experiences to ensure owners we are as informed as possible about what happens if their horse gets colic.

The fortnightly webinars are free to attend and they can also be viewed live as a Facebook Live session, but by registering with Zoom you get to take part in the various polls, ask questions during the Q&A and overall have a much more interactive experience.

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About the presenters:

Dr Katie Lightfoot is a Teaching Associate at the University of Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Science. As part of the equine teaching team, she supports the learning of undergraduate vet students in subjects such as equine welfare, anatomy, and behaviour. Before joining the university, Katie completed a PhD research project which evaluated horse owner behaviour and knowledge transfer in response to an educational campaign.

Izzy Wild graduated from the University of Nottingham as a vet, also undertaking a Research Masters with the Nottingham Colic Project. Following finals, she researched colic in working equids in Honduras at a World Horse Welfare partner-project. She worked in First Opinion equine practice for two years in Hampshire, before joining World Horse Welfare in August, where she is working as an International Programme Officer. Izzy has an interest in veterinary research, education and working equids.

» All previous webinars are available to watch on the World Horse Welfare YouTube channel.

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