Saving the Suffolk Punch horse: Tullis talks tech for rare breeds

Tullis Matson and Dr Gareth Starbuck with Suffolk Punch mare ruby and her newborn filly foal.
Tullis Matson and Dr Gareth Starbuck with Suffolk Punch mare Ruby and her newborn filly foal, who was bred using sex-sorted semen.

A webinar from the Suffolk Horse Society is being hosted Tullis Matson from Stallion AI Services, who will talk about stallion management and doing a collection.

While the emphasis will be on the Suffolk Punch horse, anyone is welcome to attend the webinar, on Wednesday, September 23 at 7pm (GMT). Matson will give a tour of his facilities and talk about stallion collections and how new technologies can help rare breeds such as the Suffolk Horse.

Matson was recently involved in the breeding of a Suffolk Punch filly foal who was bred using sex-sorted semen.

The Suffolk Horse Society (SHS) was founded in 1877 and since then has maintained the studbook and the breed standard.

Suffolk horses are registered as Critically Endangered by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Fewer than 500 purebred Suffolk horses are registered in Britain now, making them more endangered than the Giant Panda.

Traditionally the Suffolk Horse was bred to work the clay soil of East Anglia, but today the Suffolk Horse has become a more versatile breed. It is still used for agricultural work, ploughing and timber hauling, particularly in conservation areas. They are also shown in-hand and in turnout classes, and driven in parades, promotions, competitions. Suffolk horses are increasingly being ridden and even compete in gymkhana and agility.

Pre-booking is essential. Those registering will receive a link and access code.

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