Webinar to explore Australia’s brumby issues

Brumbies from Lake Gregory in Western Australia.
Brumbies from Lake Gregory in Western Australia. © Craig C Downer

A free webinar on issues affecting Australia’s brumbies is taking place on September 18.

Wildlife ecologist Craig Downer is the main panelist in the webinar, being hosted by Renée Neubauer and Marilyn Nuske of the Brumby Action Group, which is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Australia’s wild-living horses.

Downer will answer questions about his Reserve Design concept; questions will be accepted up to 48 hours before the start of the webinar.

Reserve Design combines ecological, biological, social, and political considerations, and involves the setting aside of areas of wild-equid-containing, year-round habitat where human intervention is buffered against and/or strictly controlled, and where natural processes are allowed to reestablish natural checks and balances. “In this way, a significant degree of internal harmony is achieved for all diverse, yet interrelated, species living in the area’s ecosystem,” Downer says.

Those interested are encouraged to register early, as numbers are limited.

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Free webinar on brumby issues in Australia


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