Popular jumper spotted on Wellington magazine cover


Colorful US jumper Danash’s Northern Tempest — also known as Dani the Wonder Horse — is now a cover girl after gracing the September issue of Wellington magazine.

Accompanied by her rider, Laura Reece, Dani’s first cover in her hometown magazine also features a story on her success in the show ring and the confidence she’s inspired in Reece’s return to the saddle.

The 16.3hh seven-year-old Friesian-Appaloosa cross is one of the few competitive cross-bred hunter-jumpers on Wellington’s horse show scene.

This issue is the magazine’s annual “Our Wellington” issue. Other features in the monthly magazine include a visit to the new Wellington Promenade and Lake Wellington and an interview with violin virtuoso Gareth Johnson.

The magazine is free to view online, and is also distributed monthly throughout the Wellington area.

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