Swedish warmblood inspection tour goes digital with video inspections

The Swedish Warmblood Association of North America is taking its inspection tour online this year.
The Swedish Warmblood Association of North America is taking its inspection tour online this year. © Ridesum

This year’s annual foal and mare inspection tour of Swedish Warmbloods in North America will be undertaken digitally, because of travel restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Normally, the Swedish Warmblood Association of North America (SWANA) organizes an annual inspection tour across the USA and Canada with judges from the Swedish Warmblood Association’s inspection committee in Sweden.

The judge’s view of part of the inspection process. © Ridesum

But this year’s judges Jan-Ove Olsson and Christina Olsson will stay in Sweden and the horses will be inspected via live video streaming through the equestrian training app and collaboration platform Ridesum. Once registered, those with horses to be inspected will see the judges’ calendars and the times that are available, and book a time. A confirmation from the judge will arrive in the app shortly thereafter.

Ridesum gives the ability to train ‘live’ – or in SWANA’s case, present horses live, which is a must when evaluating a horse. The foals will be evaluated just as they would be in an inspection; the breeder will receive instant feedback as the evaluation takes place.

The score sheet will be e-mailed to the breeder, a ribbon and an evaluation certificate signed by the judge will arrive via postal mail at a later date. SWANA foals do not need to be inspected to be registered. Mares can also be evaluated and graded for performance to receive their star designation. the association is considering accepting yearlings and two-year-olds for digital inspection as well.

SWANA president Katarina Antens-Miller said the association hoped breeders would take the opportunity to have their foal inspected digitally this year. “It saves time and money as it can be done on your home turf, and healthwise no worries about large crowds.”

Jenny Strahle, CEO and Founder of Ridesum, said the company had experienced high demand for its digital training services from the global horse community, which has been fuelled by the current global situation.

Ridesum connects riders with more than 1000 international trainers and experts within a wide range of disciplines, skills and levels. The live video training can be used in a variety of situations, such as having a dressage or jumping lesson or receiving coaching from a trainer during the warm-up at competitions. Mental coaching and equine nutrition is also available through video sessions.

The SWANA inspections start on September 7 and end on September 30. Applications are still open.

Swedish Warmblood foals and mares in Canada and the USA will be inspected digitally this year by judges in Sweden. It is considering adding yearling and two-year-old inspections. © SWANA

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