Equine America’s Summer issue free to readers


Equine America’s summer issue has been made available in a digital format and is free to read.

The cover and headline article highlight the spirit of America’s wild horse: Mustangs in stunning sepia and monochomatic tones in the badlands of Utah. Kimerlee Curyl captures these majestic herds and tells a story of her own relationship with them in the summer issue’s core article.

Writers Olivia LaGoy-Weltz and Emily Duffy highlight the American horse show industry’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic, from contactless bit checks to adjusting to the new Olympic dates.

Subsequent articles discuss how foreign and domestic equestrian brands have adjusted to the new rules of the pandemic, including the world’s largest Lusitano breeder building on their already strong game in selling horses virtually, and million-dollar showjumping auctions adapting last minute to the quarantine, including a first of its kind WhatsApp bidding structure.

Another article outlines America’s equine heroes. From the tragedies of World War 1 to the complicated relationship between horses and humans in today’s modern era, this tribute to our equine partners is poignant and impactful.

The EQ-AM Summer 2020 issue is offered free to all Equinium subscribers, and to everyone who joins their distribution list.



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