Reunited and it feels so good: Pair in pony paradise

Lookalikes Loreal and Micky have been reunited after four years apart.

Those passing by a field in a town in Derbyshire are doing a double-take as two strikingly coloured, lookalike cobs graze happily in their field.

Blue Cross rescue horses Loreal and Micky are together again, in Matlock, Derbyshire.
Blue Cross rescue horses Loreal and Micky are together again,in Matlock, Derbyshire.

The pair — Loreal and Micky — are mother and son, but their reunion in a paddock in Matlock after four years apart is quite a coincidence.

Micky was originally on loan from Blue Cross as a riding pony, but his behaviour had become erratic under saddle. In March, just as the Covid-19 crisis hit the Britain, his borrower asked Blue Cross to take him back.

“We couldn’t take Micky back to the centre as the country was going into lockdown,” said Blue Cross Horse Welfare Co-ordinator Sally Marley-Ward.

“Instead we sent him to one of our wonderful temporary foster homes.”

Coincidentally, another of the charity’s Horse Welfare Co-ordinators was speaking to Melanie Leicester who had Micky’s mother Loreal on loan plus two other Blue Cross rescue horses and mentioned that the gelding was looking for a new home.

“Melanie immediately said that she would love to take him on as a companion and reunite mother and son,” said Sally. “It’s the perfect home for him given that he is no longer suitable as a riding pony. The pair are blissfully happy together and make striking field ornaments with their matching looks!”

Melanie added: “It’s so lovely to see them both together and you can really see a true bond between them. Both Micky and Loreal look happy to be in each other’s company again.”

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Blue Cross rescue horses Loreal and Micky.

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