The art of the farrier showcased in new photographic book

Simon Curtis with his new book The Farrier, which is being released this month.
Simon Curtis with his new book The Farrier, which is being released this month.

A photo-book showcasing the art of farriery is being released this month by renowned British farrier Dr Simon Curtis.

The Farrier is described as a pictorial journey across the equine world, recording farriers at work on six continents, with the variety of horse types, their diverse environs, and the farrier’s range of activities, seen through the craftsman’s eye.

Curtis captures the essence of the farrier’s world using his unequalled opportunities to photograph over 60 farriers around the world.

The photo-book is a departure from his previous textbooks, some of which are staples for learning in the farriery world. With The Farrier, Curtis aims to shine a light on the hard work of farriers everywhere.

“Wherever there are horses there are farriers. My photo-book celebrates the farrier’s role, the environment they work in, and the variety of horses they care for. The book is a culmination of a 10-year project with one purpose: to share joy and pride for the craft of farriery,” he says.

Simon Curtis’s new book The Farrier is being released this month.

Curtis is well-known in the farriery world for his achievements and advancement of knowledge in the hoof-care field, and he has lectured and taught all over the world. He recently completed a PhD in Equine Biomechanics and is a Fellow and Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Farriers.

Other awards include the 2018 Sir Colin Spedding Award, presented to exceptional heroes of the equestrian world by Princess Anne; an Honorary Associateship to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the first time that any farrier has received such an honour; and he has been inducted into the International Farriers Hall of Fame.

This new art book follows the 2018 release of Simon’s hoof-care book The Hoof of the Horse, and his popular podcast of the same name. The podcast features many of the farriers documented in The Farrier, sharing insights to their experiences and the culture of farriery in their corner of the world. His previous textbooks include Corrective Farriery: A Textbook of Remedial Horsehoeing, both volume 1 and volume 2 and Farriery – Foal to Racehorse;

» The Farrier will be released this month and will be available from

The Farrier is a pictorial journey across the equine world, and has recorded farriers at work on six continents.


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