FEI takes dressage training online in new venture


An online dressage training system has been launched by the FEI where registered athletes can upload videos to be judged anonymously by a pool of FEI 5* level dressage and para-dressage judges.

In the first phase of the FEI eDressage™ Online platform several videos will be randomly selected and athletes will then be provided with feedback on their performance and given pointers for improvement. The platform has been launched in partnership with Black Horse One (BHO) and SAP, which created the award-winning Spectator Judging app in 2017 and dressage’s paperless judging software in 2018.

“This new platform is yet another example of the ways in which technology can be introduced into equestrian sport to transform training techniques,” FEI Commercial Director Ralph Straus said.

“Athletes now have the opportunity to have their tests remotely evaluated by a group of top-level judges and to receive key insights that could benefit their performances.

“While the current pandemic highlights the value of a platform like this to athlete training when travel and competition restrictions exist, it can also be particularly useful to athletes residing in remote regions of the world, who would otherwise be unable to avail of the international expertise provided through this platform.”

Although the platform has been designed primarily with the horse and athlete in mind, it has the potential to become a valuable source of content for training FEI Officials in close collaboration with the FEI’s online e-learning platform, FEI Campus. The user-generated content would allow the FEI to improve the video material used in training programmes for FEI Dressage and Para-Dressage judges.

Tests will not be judged and no rankings will be provided, but performances will be critiqued by an elite group of judges purely for training purposes.

FEI Director Information & Sports Technology Gaspard Dufour said the beauty of the FEI eDressage Online platform is that it has the potential to grow and develop over time and become something larger than initially imagined.

“For developments like these to really impact a sport, it is necessary that our technological partners understand equestrian and the needs of our stakeholders. Long-term collaborations like ours show that having the time to grow and develop together can impact the industry in a meaningful way.”


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One thought on “FEI takes dressage training online in new venture

  • June 27, 2020 at 8:43 am

    If only the judges understood and judged to the FEI rules – this will unfortunately be another pathway to torque compression and riding BTV 🙁


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