Delay in Britain’s animal cruelty sentencing bill

© World Horse Welfare

The second reading of Britain’s Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill in parliament has been pushed back from June 12 to September 11 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and international equine charity World Horse Welfare is urging supporters to keep pressure on the government.

The charity is asking its supporters to contact their MP to ask them what action they will take to ensure an increase in animal cruelty sentencing becomes law this year.

“Together, we have a good chance of making this happen,” the charity said.

It has also reported good news for Scotland, where the proposed Animals and Wildlife (Penalties, Protections and Powers) (Scotland) Bill has moved to stage three of a three-step process before a Bill becomes law.

“Alongside increasing the maximum sentence for animal cruelty offences to five years, this Bill will introduce fixed penalty notices for minor animal welfare offences and ensure anyone who injures a service animal will be accountable for their actions (as is already the case in England and Wales).

“With your help we will continue to work alongside other animal welfare charities, pressing Ministers, MPs and MSPs to push forward these Bills and help ensure that they become law as soon as possible.

“It is only with your support that we can bring about change and ensure the law better protects our animals.”

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