Virtual race aims for 140 million steps to step up for horses


Looking for a fitness challenge that connects you to others and helps horses around the world? Brooke USA has launched its first virtual race with the goal to raise funds for the people and animals affected by the aftermath of Covid-19.

Its aim is to have more than 140 million steps taken as a sign of unity and global generosity.

This global initiative is simple to support, and participants can complete it on their own schedule over the course of eight weeks. The exercise is tracked through the Charity Footprints App, which also syncs with Fitbit, Apple Watch, MisFit, Strava, Google Fit or Garmin.

Brooke USA’s Virtual Race: Between a Walk & A Hard Place will benefit Brooke USAs Covid-19 Response & Recovery Fund, with a registration fee of $50. The fee includes a finisher’s t-shirt. Brooke USA has assisted with disaster relief in the United States during times of emergency, and in light of Covid-19, the team will once again step up to make a difference by opening the fund to applicants in the US and worldwide.

Registration is open for the virtual race at

The eight-week fitness challenge allows for registrants to not only have their own fundraising page, race chat and teams, but also converts workouts to steps. From Pilates to running, and horseback riding to weightlifting, the Brooke USA Virtual Race encourages fitness for every level, and on any schedule while raising funds and awareness for a cause.

“Any workout can be converted to steps, and together we will fill in our virtual map by earning 140,000,000 steps,” Brooke says.

“The journey kicks off in Lexington, Kentucky, and continued through Brooke USA funded projects in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Cuba, Senegal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, Pakistan and India.”

Brooke USA has set a goal of $100,000 to raise for its Covid-19 Response & Recovery Fund, which the virtual race directly supports. For many of the people and animals Brooke USA serves, things will only get worse before they get better.

The race can be completed in whatever way is most enjoyable. For example:

  • Donate to the race or to an individual/team.
  • Run or walk with your dog.
  • Use a treadmill or elliptical.
  • Practice downward dog while taking a yoga class.
  • Dance around the house or take a virtual Zumba class.
  • Garden or go for a swim.

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