Stunt rider and trainer Ben Atkinson and the ultimate performance horse


A documentary featuring professional British stunt rider and horse trainer Ben Atkinson has been released by Organised Equestrian.

Atkinson, from East Yorkshire, is well known for his appearances in film, TV and live events, including the popular TV series’ Victoria, Peaky Blinders and Poldark. The family business, Atkinson Action Horses, is one of the most respected equestrian services companies to the film and television industries, supplying highly trained horses, riders and trainers for a variety of disciplines and stunts.

Organised Equestrian, created by Larisa Tasker and Nicole Schneider, shares the best horsemanship from around the globe, in clinics, demonstrations, films and events. They describe Ben’s horsemanship as “spellbinding”.

Larisa spent a day with Ben to learn what it takes to train the ultimate performance horse.

In this behind-the-scenes educational documentary, Ben will demonstrate stunt riding, classical dressage and the art of liberty, and how he forms the bonds of trust with his horses.

“When I see a horse I see something that is pure and free, untainted by greed like humans are,” Ben says.

“I see something that will do anything for you and always love you no matter how many mistakes you make or how little you understand. They are the kindest and most generous creatures on the planet.”

• The film is $12 to rent for 72 hours or $30 to buy and stream any time.

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