Webinar: Lame or not? When your horse feels “off” but trots up fine

© Mike Bain

An Olympic team veterinarian is hosting a free webinar looking at the differences between lameness in horses under saddle and in hand.

“The Value Of The Ridden Lameness Exam: Exploring Why Lameness Can Present Differently Under Saddle” is being presented by six-time US Olympic team veterinarian Rick Mitchell, and will include an interactive question and answer session following the presentation.

Registrations are open for the webinar, on May 26, 2020 at 5pm EST.

The webinar is one of the “For the Love of the Horse” series created by The Competitive Equestrian, featuring industry experts on horse health topics.

Mitchell co-founded Fairfield Equine Associates, a sport horse practice focused on equine medicine and surgery with an emphasis on lameness and imaging. He holds international certifications in veterinary acupuncture and equine locomotor pathology and served six times as an attending veterinarian for the USET at the Olympics. Mitchell has served on numerous industry boards including AAEP, USEF, and serves as trustee for the American Horse Council and on the board of ISELP.



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