The horse parasite that looks like pasta: All about ascarids


The second episode in a new series from equine parasitologist Martin Nielsen looking at the parasites a horse encounters in its life takes a look at equine ascarids, or roundworms.

If you haven’t seen the first episode of “The Parasite Journey of the Horse”, go take a look now, as Dr Nielsen is discussing the parasites in the order of appearance. The previous episode was on Strongyloides westeri.

This latest episode looks at roundworms or ascarids, which are the next to affect a foal. There are actually two — Parascaris equorum and Parascaris univalens.

• We recommend watching the series in order:
Episode 1: Foal parasites
Episode 2: Ascarids, or roundworms
Episode 3: Small strongyles (cyathostomins)
Episode 4: Bloodworms
Episode 5: Tapeworms
Episode 6: Bots
Episode 7: Pinworms

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» For more from Dr Nielsen, check out his short video series on parasite control, starting here.

Martin K Nielsen

Dr Martin Nielsen is a professor in equine parasitology at the Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center at the University of Kentucky. » Read Martin's profile

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