Horse folks say thanks: Equine charity staff “Clap for Carers”


Whilst maintaining social distancing, staff and some of the ponies at a World Horse Welfare centre joined Britain’s Clap for our Carers campaign to show their support for the National Health Service (NHS).

Staff at Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Lancashire showed their support for the NHS and all other care and support givers.

World Horse Welfare, Britain’s largest horse rescue and rehoming charity, recently announced that at 406, the number of horses in its care at its four Rescue and Rehoming Centres is the highest on record. Caring for such a large number of animals is putting extra demands on staff, in addition to complying with the rules on social distancing and the suspension of rehoming activities in light of movement restrictions to prevent Coronavirus.

Morale and team spirit remain extremely high amongst the grooms and other staff at the farms, and they wanted to take the time to show their appreciation of the carers as well.

Most of these ponies are ready for rehoming. During the current coronavirus restrictions, they are not able to leave yet, but the charity is urging those interested to apply online, so that as soon as restrictions are lifted, the process can continue and more space can be made available for more horses who are in need.

Clap for carers: Staff at Penny Farm joined in to support Britain's NHS.
Staff at Penny Farm took time out to show their support for Britain’s NHS. © World Horse Welfare

One thought on “Horse folks say thanks: Equine charity staff “Clap for Carers”

  • April 18, 2020 at 8:31 am

    Kudos World Horse Welfare,,,NOW more than ever we need your support…we’re WITH Y’all!


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