Best practices in equestrian trail design explored

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A free webinar on equestrian trail design is being offered this week by the Equine Land Conservation Resource (ELCR).

In “Equestrian Trail Design and Best Practices from Backcountry to Urban Edge Settings”, on April 16, presenters Justin Azevedo and Matt Woodson will review best practices for trail design planning, construction, and management in undeveloped natural areas and connecting to urban edge settings.

The webinar will include trailhead development, urban to wildland transition design, and equestrian trail features to provide best sustainability and lowest impact.

Justin Azevedo will discuss the ‘merge/transition’ areas from towns to wild land trails — how to design/where/how many, etc. Matt Woodson with Okanogan Trail Construction will then pick up and bring listeners into the mountains to discuss both trail techniques as well as best practices for equestrian use for maximum sustainability.

Jim Coffman will discuss the ‘merge/transition’ areas from towns to wildland trails — how to design/where/how many, etc.

The webinar is presented by ELRC in partnership with American Trails and Back Country Horsemen of America, and is on Thursday, April 16 at 10am (PST) / 1pm EST (check the time in your country).

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