Webinar explores nutrition for first-time horse owners

The lure of pre-mixed feeds and pellets, which are quick and easy to feed is great, but are they good for your horse?
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US company Eniro Equine is hosting a webinar next week looking at basic nutrition for first-time horse owners.

Basic Nutrition for the First Time Horse Owner” on April 14 is being hosted by Dr Clair Thunes PhD, nutritionist for EnviroEquine and Skye Mize, owner of Whoa Zone Equine. They will talk about what you should consider when buying a horse, and will be answering live questions from viewers, (which can be submitted on registration) as well as sharing tips on how to help your new horse make the best transition home.

The webinar is on Tuesday, April 14, from 8pm to 8.30pm UTC-4 (check the time in your country).


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