Video shows how to de-stress your horse – and yourself


Equine bodyworker Jim Masterson has released a free video of his bladder meridian technique, and is also hosting a live event where he works on a horse, on Facebook on April 8.

Jim Masterson in action.
Jim Masterson in action. © The Masterson Method

The bladder meridian technique is part of Masterson’s method of finding and releasing stress and tension in horses. “It turns out that when we do this with horses it brings us into the moment with them, connecting more deeply. Both horse and human benefit from a reduction in stress,” he says.

But for those stuck in lockdown without a horse, he says the technique can be used on dogs, cats, children, partners “or anyone you’re spending a lot of time at the moment”.

“This simple, easy technique allows you to release tension in your mammal partners, while at the same time slowing you down and relaxing your body and mind,” Masterson says.

On his live Facebook event, Masterson, will work with a horse from his home in Fairfield, Iowa, while answering viewed questions from the live chat. It starts at 3pm, CDT (check the time in your country).

Masterson went to the FEI World Endurance Championships from 2006 and 2014 as Equine Massage Therapist for the US endurance teams. Since 2006, more than 4000 horse owners have attended Masterson Method Weekend Seminar-Workshops, and he has trained over 330 Masterson Method Certified Practitioners in 20 countries. He says his goal is to “have every horse on the planet have experienced the Bladder Meridian Technique at least once”.

His book and DVD, Beyond Horse Massage, has sold more than 50,000 copies.

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