Webinar series considers pasture management for horse owners

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A webinar series on pasture management is being offered this month to horse owners by Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey.

The three Pasture Management Webinars webinars are being presented by members of Rutgers Cooperative Extension Animal Ag/Field and Forage Working Group. The first and third are for general knowledge, and the second is on horse pasture management. It is being hosted by Dr Carey Williams, Equine Extension Specialist/Professor of Rutgers University.

Each webinar will take place between 7pm and 8pm (Check time in your location).

The schedule is:

Basic Pasture Management: April 13th. Topics: Assessing pastures, soil sampling and yields expected; and basic pasture management and fertility. Register here.

Horse Pasture Management: April 14. Topics: Stretching your hay using pasture, and the importance of pasture for horse nutrition. Register here.

Livestock Pasture Management: April 20. Topics: Forage quality, nutrition, and grazing systems. Register here.


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