Annual “Giving Awards” go online to give £50K to good causes


All the stops have been pulled out to make the 2020 running of the SEIB Insurance Brokers Giving Awards a virtual affair, giving a welcome boost to the important work of the shortlisted charities.

More than £50,000 will be presented to good causes at the SEIB Giving ‘Virtual’ Awards through the company’s social media channels. Each of the 10 shortlisted charities will get their moment in the spotlight, although online, to help celebrate the tremendous work that they do.

“As soon as we realized it was not going to be possible to hold our charity awards in London on March 20, we set about finding a way in which we could truly celebrate the amazing work undertaken by each of our 10 shortlisted charities,” SEIB Marketing Manager, Nicolina MacKenzie said.

“Everyone has pulled out all the stops to move the awards online and I am very grateful to the team and the charities for their support.”

Rescue horse Frodo and the team at World Horse Welfare celebrate winning the 2019 SEIB Giving Awards.
Rescue horse Frodo and the team at World Horse Welfare celebrate winning the 2019 SEIB Giving Awards.

The virtual awards will start Monday, March 30, on the SEIB Insurance Brokers Facebook page and two prizes will be presented each day until April 3. The virtual prize presentations will be accompanied by pre-recorded video footage about each charity.

Traditionally the grants presented to the winning charities at the SEIB Giving Awards had to be spent on a capital investment project. However, SEIB understands how difficult it will be for charities to operate this year and on this occasion, the money may be used towards running costs to keep the charities going.

The ten finalist charities and their projects for 2020 are:

Bransby Horses – Keeping horses safe. Following devastating flooding, Bransby needs to adjust by moving 59 horses to a new site. The SEIB grant would help purchase an all-terrain-vehicle and a mobile stable unit for the new site.

Doris Banham Dog Rescue – Thermal kennels to give pound dogs their last chance to live. The SEIB grant would finance the build of a block of 10 thermal kennels to give a final chance for dogs due for euthanasia who have been abandoned at council pounds or brought in to be put to sleep at veterinary surgeries.

Gaddesden Place RDA – Mechanical horse for physical and psychological therapy. The purchase of the mechanical horse with the SEIB grant money would increase the number of riders participating in a beneficial RDA activity without needing more ponies or grazing.

Hope Pastures – A centre of excellence for laminitis prevention and recovery. The SEIB grant would be used to create a dedicated unit to show-case best practice for laminitis in a practical way and pass on expertise to others.

Hope Rescue – Sensory garden project. The garden is planned to help rescue dogs and volunteers to get out and play and interact with one another. The SEIB grant would be used to purchase fencing for the garden.

Once Upon A Smile – Facilities to provide emotional support to bereaved families.  The SEIB grant would be used for the charity’s new Sidley House. It would finance lego therapy, new flooring, a soundproof room and to update the toilet facilities.

Redwings – Purpose-built donkey barn. The existing donkey barn at Redwings is 30 years old and set for demolition. The SEIB Grant would be used for a new donkey facility to support the health and welfare needs of the donkeys.

South Essex Wildlife Hospital – Wildlife rehabilitation unit. The hospital sees about 10,000 animals each year and aims to provide a specialist facility for an increasing number of sick, orphaned and injured wildlife.

The Flicka Foundation – Vital donkey transport vehicle. The charity’s current vehicle has high mileage, is unreliable and costly to repair. The SEIB grant would be used to purchase a second-hand, custom converted horse lorry.

The Horse Trust – Multi-use large animal rescue education unit. The charity currently delivers award-winning training for emergency responders, providing them with the skills needed to deal with horses during frightening and life-threatening situations. The new unit would allow for courses to be delivered across the country.

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