Pony sanctuary in emergency appeal for new home

Faye Stacey of People4ponies with a foal at the sanctuary.
Faye Stacey of People4ponies with a foal at the sanctuary.

A British-based pony sanctuary is in a race against time to raise funds for a new property to continue its work.

A resident at People4Ponies.
A resident at People4ponies.

People4ponies has launched an emergency appeal to raise funds to buy land for their Devon-based sanctuary after their current site was sold by its elderly owners.

Faye Stacey, Head of People4ponies, said the sanctuary had been given two years to plan its move, “but unexpectedly a buyer purchased the whole property before it was on the open market, so we now have to leave by April leaving little time to raise the money we need and to find a new home.”

The goal is to raise £85,000 to buy land in Devon which would give the sanctuary the security of having its own facility. But People4ponies was also keen to hear from anyone who might have land available for People4ponies to use or purchase, particularly in the mid-Devon area but also further afield.

“We are keen to offer human benefit too in our new space with therapists in human health and wellbeing already signed up to work with us providing sessions to include mindfulness.  We have so little time to achieve our aims – please donate if you can and spread the word of our campaign via social media.”

People4ponies has provided help and rehabilitation for wild and traumatised ponies for 17 years. They provide a much-needed sanctuary and specialist care for ponies too traumatised to be rehomed and for those with special health needs. They have elderly residents too, with their oldest pony now 38 years old.

“Our main base is crucial not only for our sanctuary ponies and for those who need rehabilitation, but for those previously rehomed who sadly find themselves back in our care,” Stacey said.

Michel Goguen is helping out People4Ponies.
Musician Michel Goguen is helping out People4Ponies. © Daniel St Louis

“We have helped hundreds of ponies both with our specialist handling and expert knowledge and the wider pony population. Through our award-winning campaign work, we finally put a stop to ear mutilations on wild ponies, ensured bans and restrictions were put on hot branding, pushed for laws to be enforced/upheld at wild pony markets and brought action for starving and dying ponies on Bodmin Moor.”

Canadian based musician Michel Goguen has signed up to help – anyone who makes a donation to the People4ponies Land Appeal in January will receive a copy of his new song a month before its official release.

Donations to the appeal via Crowdfunder are at £4000.

At 38, Topsy is the oldest resident at People4Ponies.
At 38, Topsy is the oldest resident at People4Ponies.


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