UK saddle fitting course returns to NZ

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A saddle fitting course held in New Zealand by the British Equestrian Trade Association last year proved so successful the organisation is returning next month with three courses.

Taught by Society of Master Saddlers and BETA saddle fitters and qualified saddlers, the courses are designed to develop existing skills.

Previously, the Introduction to the Principles of Saddle Fitting Course had been available only in Britain, but was run in New Zealand last year for the first time. The course is open to all those with an interest in saddle fitting or anyone working in an equine-related profession who wants to increase their knowledge. It will be run over the weekend of November 16 and 17 at Ambury Park RDA Centre, and covers theory and practical lectures.

The introductory course is organised in conjunction with the Society of Master Saddlers and is a prerequisite for booking on the SMS course to become a qualified saddle fitter. It takes place

“We have decided to bring these courses to New Zealand following the positive feedback we received when we ran the introductory saddle course last year,” said BETA executive director Claire Williams. “I am very excited to be in a position where we are able to deliver this training in the southern hemisphere.”

The Intermediate Course in Saddle Fitting also runs on November 16 and 17. Its content builds on skills taught in the introductory course, going into more detail on all aspects of fitting, including a session on bridles, and is aimed at those who have some saddle-fitting experience and intend to work towards a qualification.

This course is also at Ambury Park RDA Centre.

Finally, the Saddle Flocking and Adjustment Course, aimed at more experienced saddle fitters, runs over three days, from November 18 to 20. It will teach the basic skills of flocking and increase knowledge in the adjustment and alteration of saddle pads. The course will also explore other methods of achieving a well-fitting saddle.

It is limited to six delegates only because of the nature of tuition and practical activity, which includes participants working on their own saddles. This course will take place at Mangere Pony Club, Auckland.

Course costs (lunch and refreshments included):
Introduction to the Principles of Saddle Fitting Course: NZ$970 (payable as £490 sterling).
Intermediate Course in Saddle Fitting: NZ$1170 (payable as £600 sterling).
Saddle Flocking and Adjustment Course: NZ$1070 (payable as £500 sterling).

For bookings or more information, contact Claire Williams on or +44 (0)1937) 587062.


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