New partnership formed as US reining regroups


Cade McCutcheon and Custom Made Gun were part of the USA's gold medal winning reining team.
Cade McCutcheon and Custom Made Gun were part of the USA’s gold medal-winning reining team at WEG 2018. © FEI / Liz Gregg [file image]
Two reining entities in the US have joined forces for an alliance partnership to oversee and promote the sport.

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is partnering with USA Reining, which will serve as the official and only US National Reining Alliance Partner, representing NRHA reiners who reside in the USA as well as reiners who participate in United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and FEI competition.

US Reining is the body in the US that organises reining under the auspices of the US Equestrian Federation. The NRHA is not able to serve that function as it represents reiners worldwide, not just those in the US.

Late last year the FEI terminated its agreements with the NRHA, saying it was in breach of the terms of its cooperation agreement with the FEI, which had been signed in 2014. The FEI said a binding commitment to implement FEI rules on anti-doping, stewarding requirements and the age of competing horses were prerequisites for any future cooperation.

The new alliance aims to provide support for reining riders, NRHA President Mike Hancock said.

“Many countries already have a national entity that provides support of their international competitions, the NRHA Board of Directors reached this alliance to now provide this voice for the reiners in the US,” Hancock said.

“NRHA continues to focus on promoting the sport of reining both in the US and the rest of the world.”

Rick Weaver, USA Reining Board of Directors President, said the alliance partnership with the NRHA “strengthens the solid foundation on which the sport of reining is positioned”.

“Promotion and growth of reining, both inside the US and in a global capacity, is our strength and will be our success.”

This partnership is one of many ways the NRHA is working toward building relationships within the reining community. USA Reining will also serve as the primary communication link among reiners who compete in the USA, USEF, US National Federation for FEI, and the FEI.

At last week’s FEI Sports Forum in Switzerland, it was noted that internationally, reining was the only discipline with a decrease in the number of registered athletes over the past decade. This was despite an overall increase in the number of events.

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