Updated app helps horse owners calculate equine weight


An app to help horse owners figure out how much their horse weighs has been updated to add variations for breed and body type.
The Healthy Horse App produced by the University of Minnesota calculates weight using new equations developed through university research.

Breed types catered for include adult arabians, draft horses, adult and young miniature horses, stock horses, saddle-type horses, ponies, warmbloods, and thoroughbred.

The horse’s height, body length, neck, and girth circumference is used to calculate the weight. Along with the horse’s estimated body weight, ideal body weight and body weight score are calculated.

Accurate estimations of horse weight are important for weight management, feeding and deciding how much medication to give.

The developers of the Healthy Horse App said that while the app gives an estimate of a horse’s actual and ideal bodyweights, it should not replace an examination by a qualified professional.

Priced at $US1.99, the Healthy Horse App is available for iPhone or iPad and can be used in both Spanish and English. Users can enter measurements in either imperial or metric units with results displayed in either pounds or kilograms.

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