A Monopoly on donkeys? Equine theme for popular trading game

The new Monopoly board game created by The Donkey Sanctuary.
The new Monopoly board game created by The Donkey Sanctuary. © World of Monopoly

A new twist on the popular property trading board game Monopoly has been created, with a special edition featuring donkeys.

The special edition of Monopoly was commissioned by The Donkey Sanctuary and produced and licensed in association with Hasbro Gaming. In the new game, players follow a donkey’s journey from its first day in the new arrivals unit to moving on to a new home with a donkey guardian.

Players will face the possibilities of feed and vet bills as they make their way around the board. The chance and community chest squares are replaced by straw and carrot cards, the stations by farm vehicles, and hotels and houses by barns and shelters.

Other properties to look out for on the board include paddocks for foals, elderly donkeys and those in need of special care (the pink trio in the normal edition); the operating theatre, X-ray room and hoof care area (the pale blue properties); and, taking the place of Park Lane and Mayfair, a donkey training centre and donkey rehoming. The jail, free parking and go squares remain as normal.

The game was reinvented for The Donkey Sanctuary’s 50th anniversary this year, and introduces players to the work of the charity.

James Searle, head of commercial activities at The Donkey Sanctuary said: “We are really excited to be launching our own unique version of Monopoly in our 50th anniversary year.

“The game is a fun way for people to find out more about the work we do and support the charity.”

The game is available at The Donkey Sanctuary’s shop retailing for £32.95.

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