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A pretty barn and an equine companion or two live cozily in a residential back yard zoned for horse keeping. Image courtesy
A pretty barn and an equine companion or two live cozily in a residential back yard zoned for horse keeping. Image courtesy

Detailed information on horsekeeping on small holdings and residential properties and equine access in parks and public areas is being made available by the Equine Land Conservation Resource (ELCR).

While focused on US conditions, the information provided offers a great deal of general information on the need to be aware of zoning regulations and the protection of lands, facilities and trails that are critical to all equine activities.

A Look at Backyard Horsekeeping looks at aspects of and regulations for keeping horses on small farms and residential properties. Zoning regulations and availability of equine services and supplies, assessing a property for horse-keeping and best management practices (BMPs) to employ are covered. The also article explores many of the backyard horse communities in the US, looking at the zoning, facilities and trails that help to support equestrian activities.

Working with Parks for Equine Access – Master Plan is in two parts. Part 1, Master Plan, describes the reasons for and process of creating a master plan for a municipal park, and the advocacy role that the equine community must play. Part 2, Master Plan Illustrations is a tour of equestrian-based master plans in communities around the US. Produced by experienced designers, community planners and parks personnel with public input, the illustrations look at master plans for equine centers and facilities

Equine Land Advocacy – A Best Practice for Equine Access explores the issues that arise to threaten the equestrian way of life, looking at opportunities to partner with local and state government agencies, conservancies, land trusts and other organizations to work toward resolving land, facility and trail issues in your local community with a positive outcome.

The Equine Land Conservation Resource (ELCR) builds awareness of the loss of lands available for horse-related activities and facilitates the protection and conservation of those lands working to ensure America’s equine heritage lives on and the emotional, physical and economic benefits of the horse-human relationship remains accessible.

ELCR serves as an information resource and clearinghouse on conserving horse properties, land use planning, land stewardship/best management practices, trails, liability and equine economic impact.

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