12 horses of Christmas: “Oldies” seeking a place to call home

Emerald, at Blue Cross
Beautiful arab mare Emerald is 15hh and 23 years young. This fine-looking lady recently came into Blue Cross as her owner could sadly no longer care for her and had to make the very difficult decision to give her up. Having been shown in the past Emerald is wonderful to handle and has the sweetest nature. She loves attention and is now looking for a companion home where she can enjoy her retirement with other older horses.

An influx of older horses to British pet charity Blue Cross has prompted a call to help find retirement homes this Christmas.

Blue Cross charity has two dedicated horse rehoming and rehabilitation units, one in Burford and one in Rolleston. Currently the Burford centre has 12 healthy older horses and ponies, who are all longing for the festive gift of a loving retirement home. Older horses can make excellent companions, often being wiser and more settled than their younger counterparts.

Brooke at Blue Cross
Brooke is a sweet girl. She is lovely to handle and forms a strong bond with her companions and groom, making her very rewarding to work with. Brooke can become worried in new situations so needs a calm, sympathetic handler to help her when she becomes worried. She is 16.1hh and 21 years old, she doesn’t need her grazing restricted so would make a perfect companion to other large horses.

Blue Cross Burford Horse Rehoming Administrator Laura Pearce said: “No matter the age of the horses and ponies that come in to us, we will do everything we can to find them a new happy home. We are not quite sure why we have had a sudden spate of oldies, but they all have wonderful unique characters and personalities and we know they will be superb companions. They all really deserve rest and relaxation in their twilight years.”

Bramble at Blue Cross
Bramble originally came into Blue Cross in 2006 when he was just eight years old. Over the years he has been in a few homes, initially as a riding pony and then more recently as a companion. Bramble is 13.2hh and 20 years old. He has a wonderful laid back nature and is a pleasure to be around. He can gain weight easily so would be better off living with other ponies who need their grazing restricted. Bramble would be an ideal companion for a private home as he has been happy to be left alone in the past when his friends are ridden. This pony really deserves a wonderful home where he can enjoy his retirement.

Blue Cross has been able to use their new Home Direct scheme for some of the horses and ponies, which avoids the need to use the charity’s busy centres and means that any pet, including horses, can be rehomed straight from the previous owner’s location. But more than 140 horses remain at the charity’s two centres in Oxfordshire and Staffordshire.

• If you think you may be able to help give Bramble, Emerald, Brooke or some of their retired friends the Christmas they deserve, visit www.bluecross.org.uk.

If you are not in a position to rehome, but still wish to help, please consider supporting the Blue Cross Christmas Appeal.

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