$8.5m wild horse plan to create “legacy of wildness”

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An ambitious plan to raise more than $8 million to take over a 10,000-acre life ranch for wild horses is under way, and Wild Love Preserve is aiming to create a “legacy of wildness” for future generations.

Location of Idaho in the US.
Location of Idaho in the US.

Wild Love Preserve (WLP) is working to raise the money for a wildlife preserve at Twin Sisters between Boise and McCall in the heart of Idaho wild horse country, adjacent to national forest lands.

“This special place beautifully aligns with our all-encompassing wild horse conservation model on home turf, as it is teeming with wildlife, including mountain lions, bear, wolves, deer, and one of the larger elk herds in Idaho,” said WLP founder Andrea Maki.

Among its first fundraising projects is a 2019 calendar — a small start but one that Maki hopes will help increase awareness about the Twin Sister’s project.

The calendar is available in two sizes, and priced at $20 or $25.

Wild Love Preserve has pioneered an innovative model in wild horse conservation which has garnered national attention and is serving as a framework for other western states. With its programs, it has demonstrated that coexistence, humane treatment and sustainable management, protecting wild lives and indigenous habitats, and saving tax dollars, work together.

Location of the Twin Sisters preserve.
Location of the Twin Sisters preserve in Idaho.

This unique wild expanse will be home to WLP’s current 136 Challis-Idaho wild horses, and future Idaho wild horses, not otherwise adopted, will also find a permanent home at no cost to the US taxpayer.

WLP’s efforts with the Challis-Idaho BLM began with the Challis Herd Management Area in 2010, and have expanded to all six wild horse herd management areas in Idaho. An estimated expense of $50,000 for the lifetime of each wild horse the government  removes from public lands, WLP programs, on and off the range, have saved US taxpayers more than $7.5 million dollars since 2013.

The first phase of the $8.5 million plan is to raise $450,000 for the transition from WLP’s leased 400-acres in Challis, Idaho to Twin Sisters. It will cost $7.8m to buy Twin Sisters Ranch, including its equipment and vehicles.

The wildlife preserve at Twin Sisters will be protected in perpetuity. “By design, Wild Love’s wildlife preserve mirrors wild habitat on the range, serves as our extraordinary outdoor research laboratory,
supports our collaborations, partnerships, youth employment and education programs, science and
research studies, eco-tourism and public engagement,” Maki said.

“Our multi-faceted work in Idaho has set forth a new precedent in taking care of our own at home in a responsible and proactive manner. Due to its impressive scale, and well-suited logistics, Wild Love Preserve’s wildlife preserve at Twin Sisters will enable us to serve all of Idaho from this one locale.”

6 thoughts on “$8.5m wild horse plan to create “legacy of wildness”

  • December 18, 2018 at 4:19 pm

    Wonderful cause!!! The best of luck to all your endeavors! I am certainly going to buy a calendar to help your noble efforts.

    Dr. Mitch Wilkinson

    • December 19, 2018 at 4:44 pm

      Thank you very much. Your supportive energy is much appreciated. Andrea Maki

  • December 23, 2018 at 8:31 am

    Absolutely! Your plan for keeping our wild horses SAFE & FREE is what the BLM has failed to do! God Bless You!


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