Honouring the War Horses: Eight million lost equines remembered

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Eight million equines on both sides died in WW1.
Eight million equines on both sides died in WW1.

Next week ceremonies around the world will mark 100 years since the end of World War One, with war horse remembrance featuring strongly in honouring those who served.

Eight million horses, donkeys and mules died on all sides during the First World War, not only from fierce shellfire but also the extreme conditions they had to endure. Unfortunately these conditions are still a reality for millions of equines working around the world today.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of November, wreaths will be laid at memorials to highlight the heroic struggle of working horses, donkeys and mules of the past and present, and help build better lives for future generations.

November also marks the conclusion of a year-long campaign by international working equine charity Brooke — Every Horse Remembered — and throughout the month, Brooke is urging supporters around the world to hold their own moments of remembrance and honour the millions of soldiers and equines who died.

Horses endured treacherous conditions on the battlefields of war.
Horses endured treacherous conditions on the battlefields of war.

In raising awareness of those who have passed, Brooke can continue to help more vulnerable working horses, donkeys and mules in the future.

Brooke CEO Petra Ingram and Every Horse Remembered ambassador Alice Oppenheimer will attend a private event at the Animals in War Memorial in London on November 9. They will lay a wreath containing messages of sympathy and remembrance received from supporters on Brooke’s Facebook page, where the event will be live-streamed for supporters.

“As an Every Horse Remembered ambassador, I’m pleased to be representing Brooke at the Animals in War Memorial,” Oppenheimer said.

“It’s so important that we honour the bravery of the millions of horses who served alongside our soldiers in World War I.”

WWI horses in Palestine.
WWI horses in Palestine. © Brooke USA

At the event, Alice and Petra will wear Brooke’s Every Horse Remembered pin badge, which pays tribute to the contribution of equines during the war. Depicting the campaign logo, the badge can be worn with a remembrance poppy to show respect for the horses and donkeys who served alongside soldiers.

Supporters are also encouraged to lay a custom Every Horse Remembered wreath at a place of personal importance or a local cenotaph (if permission is received from the local authority). The Every Horse Remembered logo is available on Brooke’s website and can be attached to a wreath.

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  • November 7, 2018 at 11:07 am

    I think it is wonderful that the horses who have worked for and with us, are being remembered and honored.


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