Equine therapy boosted by record-breaking musician


A Guinness World Record-holding musician is hitting the road on tour and supporting equine therapy across the US.

Since 2012, Scott Helmer’s concerts have helped raise more than $2 million for causes ranging from military veterans and their families, first responders, equine and pet rescues, food banks, historic theatres, equine therapy programs, suicide prevention, special needs children and adults, and more.

100% of the proceeds from each concert goes to the designated cause, and one of the causes near and dear to his heart is equine-assisted therapy. Organisers are also adding food and drink, raffles, silent auctions and more during their events to maximize the fundraising opportunity and show off their facilities, staff, horses and work to the community.

Helmer holds the Guinness record for “Most Live Music Performances in 24 Hours (multiple cities),” with 12 concerts in cities California and Arizona on November 26, 2016.

Musician Scott Helmer is using music and his personal story to make a difference to good causes throughout the US.
Musician Scott Helmer is using music and his personal story to make a difference to good causes throughout the US.

The musician, speaker, radio talk show host uses his music and personal story about mistakes and planned suicide to make a difference.

Helmer has also opened for iconic acts such as Heart, Eddie Money, 3 Doors Down, Jeff Bridges, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Big Country, and more. His current US tour and “One-Man Rock & Country Music Show” is playing more than 100 dates,  many of which are fundraisers for the causes he believes in.

“My goal is to keep using my music and comeback story to give back and remind others to never give up,” Helmer said.

Touring the country in his 37’ coach with trailer, Helmer carries full production including a 16’ wide x 12’ deep stage, lights and sound for up to 500 people (photos here) which allows concerts to be held anywhere, indoors or out and eliminates the need for good causes to incur the expense of renting a venue.

Helmer’s mission of using his story and music to make a difference was born after making mistakes in his own life, facing time in prison and being seconds away from committing suicide.

In 2008 as the global economy was spiraling out of control, Helmer sat alone in his car on a deserted mountain road in Northern Arizona with a gun in his mouth, ready to take his own life.

He had enjoyed a successful career as an insurance broker but when financial markets took a turn for the worse earlier that year, his world began to crumble.  At a crossroads and in a desperate attempt to save his business, he illegally used money from his company’s trust account to keep the doors open and weather the storm. He ended up losing everything including his family, possessions, career and his self-respect as he was indicted for his crimes and faced prison time.

Scott Helmer.
Scott Helmer. (Picture by Rich Helmer)

In the seconds before pulling the trigger Helmer cried out to God for help and said, “I don’t want to do this. If you help me through this I won’t give up, will deal with the consequences of my actions and use all of this bad stuff to help others and to make a difference so that no one else has to go through what I am going through right now.”

Helmer put the gun down, decided to never give up and took responsibility for his actions. Determined to keep his promise, Helmer then picked up his guitar and began a mission to use his talents and first love of music to give back and spread the message that there is always hope and that suicide is never the answer.

Helmore’s shows supporting Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) members include:

  • Still Waters Equestrian Academy (Hickman, NE) • October 13, 2018
  • Back Bay Therapeutic Riding Club (Newport Beach, CA) • May 19, 2019
  • Baraboo River Equine-Assisted Therapies (Baraboo, WI) • July 6, 2019
  • Lee-Mar Ranch Equine Center (Granite Falls, MN) • July 20, 2019
  • Dayspring Therapeutic Equestrian Center (Marshall, TX) • September 28, 2019


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