Free online course: How prepared are you for an equine emergency?

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South Australian equine advocacy group Horse SA has made available a free online course to raise safety awareness when working at incidents involving horses.

“Incidents Involving Large Animals” is a 30-minute course aimed at everyone who works with horses, including businesses and clubs.

It makes the point that “You will meet and try to work calmly with a horse on what is possibly the worst day of their life!,” before providing the steps to take a systematic approach to planning, training and reviewing preparation for incidents. These may include a workplace accident, and incident at an event, or a natural disaster.

“An animal-centred approach means that animal welfare considerations are a high priority. A similar analogy to a veterinarian working with a team of people to assist a horse involved in an incident is a paramedic at a road crash rescue. The paramedic keeps a focus on the human patient while working as part of an emergency services rescue crew.”

The course can be taken here, and a certificate of completion is emailed at the end of the course, with the Horse SA Planning Tool also available to download.

2 thoughts on “Free online course: How prepared are you for an equine emergency?

  • September 14, 2018 at 5:13 am

    Thank you for taking the TLAER ideas to a whole new audience and pushing the incorporation of incident stabilization and safety! Hugs!


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