“Safe Sport” training ruled mandatory for US riders


From next year all competing adult members of the US Equestrian Federation must complete safe sport training to be eligible to participate in USEF activities and competitions.

The training is totally online and consists of three modules: Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education, Mandatory Reporting, and Emotional and Physical Misconduct. It takes about 90 minutes to complete  and all three modules must be completed in order to satisfy the requirement.

The rule change was announced earlier this week, and becomes effective on January 1, 2019. All USEF members 18 and over with an Adult Competing Membership must complete the training. In only three days, 3500 USEF members have already completed the training.

“US Equestrian’s Safe Sport Policy and the rules that govern it have been created to protect all athletes from misconduct,” the USEF said.

“Recognizing the signs and behaviors associated with abuse will help all of us to prevent it. In addition, the training covers information on reporting and under federal law, we all have a mandate to report any reasonable suspicion of sexual misconduct with a minor.”

The required Safe Sport Core Training is on the US Center for SafeSport website. Users must set up an account, and can link it with their organisation memberships.

All USEF adult competing members must complete the training within 30 days of joining or renewing their membership. USEF will provide members who renew or join on or after December 1, 2018, a 30-day grace period to complete the Safe Sport training. Members joining before December 1, 2018, will have until January 1, 2019, to complete the training.

A Safe Sport Refresher training course, which takes about 30 minutes, must be completed annually thereafter.

Those who do not complete the Safe Sport training will be ineligible to participate in USEF activities, including competitions.

At the end of completing all three training modules, you can print a certificate that says “SafeSport Trained” for verification purposes.

Competition management and secretaries will have access to a combined Suspension and Ineligibility List to identify those who are ineligible to compete.

There is a Safe Sport Training module for youth in the works, which will be available later in the year. Currently, there is a free Safe Sport training module for parents in addition to a Safe Sport Parent Toolkit, which has information for parents of preschool, middle school, and school-age children.


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  • September 1, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    Seriously? What the hell has this got to do with horses and the horse industry? Can’t we just enjoy our hobbies without politics infringing into them?


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