WEG puts spotlight on wild horses at Equus Film Festival


Never mind the competition – there will be dozens of exhibitors on show at this year’s FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina in the US.

WEG’s equestrian themed showcase includes the World Equine Expo, with renowned clinicians and performers, a jumping demonstration by the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses (WBFSH). There will also be readings and signings with New York Times best-selling authors, innovators making waves across the equestrian industry, and entertainment by performers and musical acts.

Among the highlights is the Equus Film Festival, which will showcase eight discipline-dedicated films and host meet-and-greets with directors and producers in an extensive celebration of equestrian art during the Games, which start on September 11.  Dozens of other equestrian-themed movies, documentaries and shorts will play during the two-week run of the Games.

The Equus Film Festival will air films from noon to 5pm every hour with special screenings of popular films airing each evening between 6.30pm to 8pm. The Art Festival will also feature galleries of local and international artists exploring all facets of horse and human interaction.

Several media offerings feature wild horses and horses in ancient times. Among the showings is a US documentary created by wild horse advocate Bill Simpson. Wild Horses – A Micro/Mini Documentary Film depicts American wild horses in a naturally balanced ecosystem where, through the processes of evolutionary natural selection, the vigor of the species is preserved without the use of the intervention by man.

“In a naturally balanced ecosystem these majestic beings provide many evolved symbiotic benefits, including the reduction of the grass and brush that kindles and fuels catastrophic wildfire and toxic smoke,” said Simpson, whose Wild Horse Fire Brigade concept promotes the use of horses to naturally abate wildfire fuels.

Access to the World Equine Expo and all programming is included with any WEG competition ticket, but Grounds Passes, which offer access to the general public facility grounds, can be bought individually at www.Tryon2018.com

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