Fab, darling! Join Jen for high tea to help horses

Jennifer Saunders is supporting Brooke's "High Teas for Gee Gees" campaign, marking founder Dorothy Brooke's birthday on June 1.
Jennifer Saunders is supporting Brooke’s “High Teas for Gee Gees” campaign, marking founder Dorothy Brooke’s birthday on June 1.

Fancy a cup of tea on Friday? International equine charity Brooke is urging supporters to make a day of it with friends for its “High Teas for Gee Gees” campaign, which is being backed by comedy star Jennifer Saunders.

This summer, Brooke is calling on the public to host tea parties in celebration of founder Dorothy Brooke’s 135th birthday on June 1. Dorothy founded the charity in 1934 after witnessing the appalling conditions of ex-war horses in Egypt. Whilst eight million equines died in WW1, many of those who survived were left behind and sold into a life of hard labour. Today, Brooke continues Dorothy’s legacy through its work improving the lives of over 2 million working equines around the world.

Saunders, half of comedy duo French and Saunders and star of Ab Fab, is supporting the campaign, part of the equine charity’s ongoing Every Horse Remembered campaign, which honours the millions of horses, donkeys and mules who lost their lives during WW1.

“As a horse lover, seeing the difficult conditions that the working horses and donkeys that Brooke deals with motivated me to help,” Saunders said.

“I’m new to its work and quickly learning what a fantastic charity it is, helping people by showing them how to better take care of their animals and protect their livelihoods when they don’t have easy access to vets, farriers and the feed that we take for granted here in the UK.”

She said High Teas for Gee Gees was a great way to fundraise for Brooke and make a difference to the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules.

“Baking a cake and making a pot of tea is quick and easy, so why not plan your own High Teas today and get together with friends and family?”

Be it off-the-shelf or home-made, Brooke is urging both expert and amateur bakers to host a High Tea for Gee Gees. Money raised will help Brooke to reach its goal to raise £1 million to honour the millions of animals lost, and save millions now and in the future.

Brooke has a special fund-raising pack which includes special Brooke food flags, balloons, food cards and bunting. It is also sharing recipes from celebrities including Joanna Lumley, Jo Brand and Rick Stein.

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