Australia revealed in top 10 of donkey skin product importers

Donkey skins at the Benetton factory in Dong’e, China in 2016. 
Donkey skins at the Benetton factory in Dong’e, China in 2016. © George Knowles

Australian consumers are playing a significant role in the global ejiao market, with the Northern Territory government said to be researching donkey farming with a view to exporting skins to China.  

Australia’s role as the eighth largest importer of donkey-hide gelatin (DHG or ejiao) was revealed in a  new investigative report released today by Humane Society International Australia, which explores the current state of China’s ejiao market, an industry wreaking havoc on global donkey populations. Ejiao products are widely available in Australia.

Donkey skins are boiled and the gelatin extracted to produce ejiao, an increasingly popular traditional Chinese medicine. It is hailed as a miracle elixir in China and is heavily marketed as a cure for everything from anaemia to impotence despite no scientific evidence of any health benefits.  Earlier this year China’s National Health & Family Planning Commission posted on its official Weibo site a blog entry titled ‘Ejiao is not worth buying …‘ stating that ‘ejiao is simply boiled donkey skin’.  This sparked a major social media frenzy. They were later required to retract their statement.

Ejiao for sale in China. Ejiao products are also widely available in Australia.
Ejiao for sale in China. Ejiao products are also widely available in Australia. © Humane Society International

The new report shows that the ejiao market is expected to maintain a growth rate of 15% annually from 2015 to 2020 and, worryingly, the Ministry of Agriculture in China has included donkey as a target industry for the first time in The National Developing Plan of Herbivore Animal Husbandry 2016-2020.

A donkey hide warehouse at Shandong Ziyangtang DHG Product Co., Ltd.
A donkey hide warehouse at Shandong Ziyangtang DHG Product Co., Ltd.

British charity The Donkey Sanctuary estimates that the demand coming from China could reach up to 10 million donkeys per year, representing almost a quarter of the entire global donkey population. It points out that 15 countries have already stood against the trade to protect their local donkey populations including Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Pakistan.

“Our report confirms fears that this industry is gearing up and that spells disaster for donkeys,” said Georgie Dolphin, Humane Society International’s Program Manager for Animal Welfare. She also noted that today was World Donkey Day.

“The staggering growth rate in demand for ejiao is simply not sustainable and will have dire animal welfare and humanitarian consequences. The ejiao trade spells disaster for those who rely on working donkeys for their livelihoods,” she said.

“We are hearing more and more stories of donkeys in Africa being stolen and slaughtered illegally for their increasingly valuable hides. The humanitarian impact of this trade is heart-wrenching.

“Even Australia is looking to cash in. The Northern Territory government is currently researching the viability of donkey farming with the view to exporting skins to China.  This would make Australia the first developed country to fuel this appalling trade.”

Donkeys being taken to a slaughterhouse near Dong'e, China.
Donkeys being taken to a slaughterhouse near Dong’e, China. © George Knowles

Dr Peter Li, Humane Society International’s China Policy Specialist, said: “While demand for the product in China is rising rapidly, export markets from China have been declining over the past two years; possibly as international consumers are made aware of the exaggerated claims of the product as well as the obscene cruelty to the donkeys used to produce ejiao.”

Despite this, the global market is still alarmingly large: Hong Kong takes the lead as the No.1 export market worth $US47 million; followed by Japan at $13 million; and the USA in third place at $12 million. Australia and Canada featured in the top ten with import values of $4 million and $2.8 million respectively.

The Humane Society International has completed a report on the ejiao industry.
The Humane Society International has completed a report on the ejiao industry.

Humane Society International’s report has also exposed dreadful cruelty surrounding the slaughter of donkeys in China.  “The investigation team witnessed donkeys being killed, typically by being hit repeatedly over the head with a hammer – after struggling to stay alive one donkey took about five minutes to finally die,” Li said.  “Our investigators also documented harmful environmental pollution emanating from many of the smaller donkey gelatin factories in Shandong,” he continued.

The Humane Society Georgie Dolphin said it was “a cruel and unsustainable industry producing a product that nobody needs”.

“The benefits of ejiao have been grossly exaggerated by businesses for the sole purpose of making profits. The world needs to act now to shut down this trade — before it is too late for donkeys and for the African communities who rely on them.”

HSI said education was the key to ensuring all ejiao consumers fully understand the implications of buying such a controversial product to both animals and people worldwide. It is supporting a Chinese-led campaign to educate consumers through TV advertising and social media reaching millions in an effort to impact purchasing behaviour and curb the demand for donkey hide.

Humane Society International’s report on ejiao is available here.

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7 thoughts on “Australia revealed in top 10 of donkey skin product importers

  • May 11, 2018 at 1:23 am

    In some ways this is a throw back to the days where thousands upon thousands of bison where killed simple for the hides and the carcases left to rot in the sun. All motivated by greed. Beyond this the enormous cruelty to these beautiful creatures, whom without going into detail are known to be of enormous benefit, filling vital niches in numerous ecosystems throughout the world. Beautiful temperments yet exquisite guardians for flocks, but even more than this such a connection one can have with such an intelligent creature who loves so freely as is the case with equine in general, wild or domestic. My heart many times is overwhelmed with saddness because the of the spiritual blackness in mankind that drives them to such lengths with all of God’s creatures. I can’t ever give up fighting in whatever manner I can for these that are innocent. Education is a big key, but people have to see the cruelty and the darkness as well as what can be or should be with all creatures. I am so thankful that Ginger Kathrens opened the door for me to see the truth in the Pryor Mts, back in 2009, first in the beauty and harmony of the wild, and then, unfortunately one of the BLM’s horrendous roundups. I truly believe it is a battle that will be won, but it is a battle not motivated by anything else but to see them free from mankinds tyranny, and there is not one name above another in this fight because it takes all of us. Compassion and kindness is to be extended to all creatures, and there is a genuine connection or solidarity that can exist between animal and man. Animals are not cyborgs with artificial intelligence, and no feelings. They understand, feel saddness and joy, remember, and read humans very well. Much more they are always speaking. What we have to do as humans is learn to listen.

  • May 13, 2018 at 11:02 am

    Beautifully written. Good thoughts go to protect our equines where ever they live.

  • July 2, 2018 at 3:51 am

    China is a nightmare country hungry for the death of its dogs, cats, pigs to eat….and, now, donkeys… for some superstitious elixir with no science backing it up.
    Australia please don’t fall under the spell of the Chinese Yen, they are a barbaric people that will stick a fork in Anything. They roast Tigers live and eat them while alive ( millionaires in black private parties), by allowing export of your precious animals you be on a par with the filth that they are, and revel in ( in relation to their view on animals).
    Can’t you think of another way to make money? Are you that hard up?

  • December 18, 2019 at 8:35 am

    Come on please – just place an International ban on it’s use and trade – if China wanted to ban something they just would do it
    That’s dictatorship
    There is no democracy that can turn a blind eye to this atrocity

  • May 22, 2020 at 6:17 pm

    Gayle Hyde. Ban these products. *Donkeys are bashed with hammers . Terrible.

  • November 6, 2020 at 10:02 am

    China’s is a nation that destroys life – all life animal & human.
    Most of its people are cruel thoughtless & inhumane.
    There are are a minority who care for animals – the majority do not.
    This is a nation that should be shunned by the world. No trade, no import nor export. This is my opinion.

  • September 4, 2021 at 12:58 am

    I fully agree. China and it’s population’s disturbing interest in obscene cruelty is a dire warning of what awaits the world once that barbaric country takes a stranglehold on world trade. The fact that Australia is now cashing in on the indescribably evil donkey hide trade is, in my view, the moral death knell for that country. We had planned a trip to Australia next year. On the basis of what I have learned of their involvement with China’s donkey Holocaust, I shall NEVER, EVER, set foot in either country. I feel sorry for the tireless Chinese welfare workers who are fighting a losing battle against a greedy indifferent government and a tidal wave of ignorant, uneducated superstition.
    If these poor creatures could speak, the world would be moved to do something, we must be their voice.’ (Ida Cole)
    The world is losing its moral compass due to tolerating or ignoring the monstrous cruelty against those who cannot stand up for themselves.


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