Online survey of horse owners explores equine back problems


Horse owners are being asked to complete an online survey on equine back problems.

The work is being undertaken by University of Edinburgh postgraduate student Samantha Bijl.

Bijl says back problems are a serious issue for many horses around the world, yet there is little consistent knowledge on the causes.

She wants to find out if there are certain management choices, for example, around stable and riding management, that influence the onset of equine back problems.

“Hopefully this research will set a solid base for further research and eventually help in preventing the onset of equine back problems,” she says.

A large number of respondents are needed to make the findings as reliable as possible. “To achieve this we’re striving to recruit as many respondents as possible, all over the world,” she says.

Anyone whose horse has been diagnosed with a back problem, or if they suspect their horse may have a back issue, are urged to fill in the survey. It will take no more than 15 minutes. Respondents remain anonymous.

The work is being undertaken for Bijl for her Equine Science MSc dissertation.

The survey is here.

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