Wild horses have an ally in Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard

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Stone Gossard on stage with Pearl Jam, singing lead vocals on "Mankind", in Oslo, Norway in 2012.
Stone Gossard on stage with Pearl Jam, singing lead vocals on “Mankind”, in Oslo, Norway in 2012. © Lugnuts

Pearl Jam band member Stone Gossard has added his voice to efforts to preserve the USA’s wild horses and their natural habitat.

Gossard, a rhythm guitarist and founding member of Pearl Jam, was among the first to support the Wild Love Preserve founded by his old school friend Andrea Maki. A long-time environmentalist, Gossard supports other non-profit organizations  in the fields of community health, the environment, arts and education and social change, through Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation.

Gossard and the Vitalogy Foundation have been instrumental in successes of Wild Love Preserve’s work with Idaho’s Challis wild horses and the preservation of iconic wild mustangs and wild places.

Gossard and Maki first met in the halls of Northwest School at the age of 14 in Seattle, Washington.
Art and music are at their cores, accompanied by a social awareness. While Stone’s path is his music and giving back, Maki’s career as a contemporary visual artist was followed by the founding of the non-profit Wild Love Preserve in 2010.

Its mission is to protect and preserve wild horses in their native environments and nurture the legacy of indigenous ecosystems in a responsible and sustainable manner, with community engagement and benefit.

Wild Love Preserve’s model in wild horse conservation has garnered national attention and is being sourced as a framework for other wild horse regions in the West.

Stone Gossard in 2007.
Stone Gossard in 2007.  © Dan Muller

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