Attacking inflammation: New equine treatment “a breakthrough”


A US company has made what it says is a medical breakthrough in the treatment of inflammation in horses, using a patented system processing serum from the horse’s own blood.

MediVet Equine, a manufacturer of preventative and regenerative equine therapies, says its Autologous Conditioned Serum (ACS) offers a systemic and natural approach to eliminating inflammation, treating degenerative disease, and improving general functionality and overall health.

The regenerative therapy uses no additives. Instead, the serum is produced from the horse’s own blood, which means that the administrator knows exactly what is going into the horse’s body. ACS involves the use of LED photobiostimulation technology. This low-level light process results in the induction of anti-inflammatory cytokines, the inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and the upregulation of growth factors at dramatically greater concentrations than any other process in existence, MediVet says.

Traditional therapies induce the Interleukin-1ra cytokine, which blocks inflammation. Both IRAP [Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein] and MediVet ACS do this; however, MediVet ACS goes further, inducing three other powerful anti-inflammatory cytokines and upregulating multiple growth factors.

To use the therapy, 400ml of blood is drawn and shipped to MediVet, which tests and processes the blood before returning the finished product to the source. The total time from collection to injection is 72 hours, and some 50 doses are yielded. For maximum benefit, MediVet recommends that ACS should be administered intravenously with a 4ml dose three times a week.

“This will keep the anti-inflammatory cytokines and regenerative compounds, that are induced during the processing, circulating through the body,” the company said.

MediVet said ACS was also effective when injected directly into joints and bathed around tendon and ligament lesions. “MediVet ACS can be introduced anywhere that inflammation needs to be eliminated and the healing process expedited.”

The company said it invested eight years of research and testing on the system, which is available throughout North America.

Dr Kristian Rhein, who treats elite sport horses in New York, Florida, Kentucky, and California, said: “I’ve used IRAP®, I’ve used PRP [platelet-rich plasma], but the best results I’ve seen in horses speak for themselves; MediVet ACS is a breakthrough.”

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