Hagyard equine joins new corporate veterinary group


Kentucky’s renowned Hagyard Equine Medical Institute has joined several other veterinary hospitals in partnering with Mixed Animal Veterinary Associates of North America (MAVANA).

MAVANA, which was founded in 2016, comprises 22 equine, mixed animal and companion animal veterinary practices in 11 states, employing more than 100 full-time equivalent veterinarians and some 350 other staff. Other hospitals that operate as MAVANA partners include Teigland, Franklin and Brokken, an equine sports medicine practice based in Florida specializing in Thoroughbreds; and the Chicago Equine Medical Center, which is a full-service veterinary hospital serving racing and sport horse clients in the greater Chicago area.

Dr Stuart Brown
Dr Stuart Brown

MAVANA is veterinarian-owned and managed. Each practice under its banner operates independently but benefits from a centralised corporate structure to deliver cost efficiencies and improved buying power, while delivering high quality medicine and customer service.

Dr Stuart Brown, DVM, of Hagyard Equine Medical Institute said the partnership with MAVANA veterinary practices and veterinarians would allow Hagyard to provide horses with the highest level of care.

“Furthermore, our practice and its members have long been committed to developing and mentoring the next generation of equine medical professionals, and our inclusion in MAVANA will allow us to continue to expand those efforts,” he said.

Dr Luke Fallon, DVM, said Hagyard was held up as an industry leader in multiple aspects of veterinary medicine.

Dr Luke Fallon
Dr Luke Fallon

“All of our staff and doctors who comprise the Hagyard family are custodians of this 140-plus-year legacy,” Fallon said.

“We are dedicated to actively managing one of the premier clinics in the world. Our commitment to our clients and their success by providing excellence in veterinary care for their horses will continue as it has for the past nearly 150 years.”

Founded in 1876 by Dr. E.T. Hagyard, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute’s facilities include the Davidson Surgery Center, McGee Medicine Center, McGee Fertility Center, and Hagyard Sport Horse Facility, as well as MRI, hyperbaric medicine and a podiatry center.



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