Female farrier first as hoof experts talk laminitis

Farrier Daisy Bicking is the first female farrier to headline the Annual Charles Heumphreus Memorial Lecture at UC Davis.
Daisy Bicking is the first female farrier to headline the Annual Charles Heumphreus Memorial Lecture at UC Davis.

Farriers and veterinarians will learn more about hoof mapping and endocrine disorders in laminitis at a lecture at UC Davis next month.

It will also be the first time the annual Charles Heumphreus Memorial Lecture has been headlined by a female farrier, with Daisy Bicking presenting “Hoof Mapping – Relating External Landmarks to Internal Anatomy in the Laminitic Foot” and “Rehabilitating the Chronically Laminitic Foot Using Composite Materials”. The first presentation will highlight foundational principles to evaluate the laminitic foot with a focus on hoof mapping, and the second will look into the use of synthetics in the treatment of laminitic horses.

Daisy Bicking at work.
Daisy Bicking at work.

Bicking’s afternoon hands-on session will include a demonstration that will focus on evaluating the laminitic foot, including hoof mapping and trimming, followed by selection and application of composite materials. She will then be joined by UC Davis farrier Shane Westman for a hands-on opportunity for farriers and veterinarians to apply the techniques described during the demonstration using models and/or equine limbs.

Bicking, APF-I, CFGP, CE/CI, is the founder of Daisy Haven Farm: School of Integrative Hoofcare in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania. She has presented at Cornell University, International Hoof-Care Summit, Laminitis Conference and International Lameness Prevention Conference. Bicking is a member of the Equine Advisory Board for Post University.

Also headlining at the lecture is Dr Nicholas Frank, who is considered one of the world’s leading authorities in equine endocrine disorders. His topic is “The Role of Endocrine Disorders in Laminitis”, presenting background information for farriers and veterinarians to better understand the association between laminitis and pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID) and equine metabolic syndrome (EMS).

Dr. Nicholas Frank
Dr Nicholas Frank

Frank, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, is a professor of large animal internal medicine, the chair of the Clinical Sciences Department, and associate dean of Academic Affairs at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

At the Winter Conference following the Heumphreus Lecture, Frank will present “Navigating the Minefield of PPID and EMS Diagnostic Testing” and “Management of the Challenging Endocrine Case”. Also presenting at the Winter Conference are UC Davis veterinarians Julie Dechant and Nicola Pusterla, who will present colic surgery outcomes and dental disease in the geriatric patient, respectively.

Over the years, the Heumphreus Lecture has served as an opportunity for farriers and veterinarians to share insights and collaborate on industry best practices. A veritable “who’s who” of farriers and veterinarians have served as past guest lecturers. This year’s event takes place on February 3, 2018.

The annual lecture — the first endowed lecture series established at the school — honors the memory of Charles Heumphreus, the school’s farrier from 1967 to 1985. The program was initiated to foster the veterinarian-farrier relationship in order to develop a better understanding of equine foot disorders.

“We are excited about this year’s lineup for the 32nd Annual Heumphreus Lecture,” said event chair Dr Mary Beth Whitcomb. “Daisy Bicking represents the first female farrier lecturer in Heumphreus history, and Dr Frank’s afternoon lectures at the Winter Conference add a bonus for veterinarians this year.”




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