Environmental groups “completely off-base” in protecting natural resources


Wild Horse Fire Brigade (#WHFB) is an important tool for abating deadly ground fuels (grass and brush) in and around selected wilderness forests. It is an important measure that addresses and makes up for the acute depletion of our deer herds, which formerly were abating millions of tons of grass and brush.

How many people must die? How many tens of thousands of homes must burn? How many millions of acres of forests and related resources must be lost before we take these obtuse environmentalist NGOs out of the business of influencing our natural resource management?

They have been wrong on so many issues so many times, it’s hard to keep count, but here is just one ‘oldie-but-goldie’. Source: University of Santa Clara.

“Environmentalists admit that saving the owls’ habitat could cost jobs. But, they argue, these jobs will vanish no matter what. For if cutting continues at its current rate of 125,000 acres a year, the old-growth forests will be gone within thirty years and the mills forced to close anyhow.”

The stark reality of the foregoing folly and lack of vision is now upon us like a horrible deadly plague!

Fighting fire from above.
Fighting fire from above. © Cal Fire

As we have all witnessed, since the transition to the ‘green movement’s’ methods of managing public forests in the 1990s, we are in fact actually losing many millions of acres of forest annually to catastrophic wildfire!  Think about it … this year so far we have seen catastrophic wildfire devastate more than 10 million acres in America, and of that, about 5 million acres were forests!

Let’s Review: The environmentalist NGOs in the 1990s said: “if cutting continues at its current rate of 125,000 acres a year, the old-growth forests will be gone within thirty years”

Now, having run the show their way for the past 30 years, we are burning forests at a rate that exceeds 40-times the rate of past logging!   So, who is really destroying forests, wildlife, habitat and watersheds? Environmentalist NGOs or loggers?

It’s a travesty of monumental proportions … these people have no business advising anyone on the subjects related to the management of natural resources and the empirical evidence that is easily reviewed and now in front of our faces supports that observation … that is what I call ‘peer-reviewed’.

The environmentalist groups (NGOs) arguably have a solid record of being completely off-base in the management assessments that they have posited in regard to our natural resources. If this was baseball, they’d be batting ‘0’.

BLM Firefighters at work in, Moonhill RX, Burns, Oregon. 
BLM Firefighters at work in, Moonhill RX, Burns, Oregon. © Dave Toney, BLM Oregon

History is replete with empirical data that supports such an observation:

They have recklessly influenced the mismanagement of apex predators across western states, which has resulted in an acute depletion of cervid populations on the west coast (and elsewhere) leading to the excessive grasses and brush (ground fuels) that are the key fuels of these catastrophic wildfires.

And now, as the most recent example of their influence, Oregon has a massive population of 6400 mountain lions (as many as California), even thought Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists and managers say the appropriate number of lions for Oregon is about 2500 to 2800 lions.

This robust growth in the lion population occurred even with the hunting of lions permitted legally year-round in Oregon, which has done nothing to modify their ‘booming’ population growth, where recent growth has jumped from 6000 lions in 2015 to 6400 in early 2017.

This excessive number of mountain lions (aka ‘cougars’) has already depleted the Oregon cervid (deer) populations to some extent, and it won’t take long until Oregon will join ranks with California in having deer populations on the brink of a ‘protected’ status. And the folly continues!

Even in California, where the deer population implosion is abundantly obvious, instead of dealing with excessive mountain lions effectively and affirmatively, the obtuse environmentalist will likely recommend assigning deer a ‘protected’ status, thus assuring that deer populations will continue into the realm of an ESA (Endangered Species Act) listed species.

Here is an article that further discusses what can be characterized as calling-out some of the environmentalist NGOs for their policies, which arguably have led to the reckless endangerment of Americans, their homes as well as having had a hand in the devastation of America’s natural resources.

For many Americans catastrophic wildfires affect our lives, homes and assets directly; it’s not some hobby as it is with so many environmentalists.

William E. Simpson

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