Aust makes frangible devices mandatory on cross-country courses

A pin and blocks on a fence at Badminton.
A frangible pin and blocks on a fence at Badminton.

Approved frangible devices will be mandatory in eventing in Australia from February 1 next year for one through four-star courses.

Equestrian Australia implemented the rule change this week for the use of approved FEI frangible devices at both national and FEI events, where the materials fit the specifications for use of a frangible device.

The change has been made following meetings at the Australian International 3-Day-Event in Adelaide involving the Equestrian Australia Eventing Committee, the EA National Safety Officer, EA Chair, Judy Fasher, and members of the FEI Risk Management Steering Group, Mike Etherington Smith and Geoff Sinclair.

The initiative to introduce frangible pins was originally implemented with financial support from the “Equestrian Australia Making Eventing Safer Fund”, supported by Terry Snow, and the “Olivia Inglis Foundation”. This new rule about the mandatory use of frangible devices will continue the work already carried out in promoting the safety of both horses and riders.

The implementation of this rule change is supported by an explanatory memorandum for Officials and Organising Committees with an Officials’ Education Program to be rolled out in February and March 2018.


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